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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Lords of the New Church - The Method to Our Madness

Released : 1984
Recorded in France at Studio Miravel and in England at Powerplant, Battery and Musicworks Studios. Mixed in England at Farmyard, Maison Rouge and Battery Studios.
Genre : Post Punk, Gothic Rock
Label : IRS
Producer : Chris Tsangarides

Although it was the Lords' third release, The Method to Our Madness sounds more like a debut. The band is bursting with energy and the production, by Chris Tsangerides, is much rawer than that on The Lords of the New Church or Is Nothing Sacred? The opening salvo is "Method to My Madness," a four-on-the-floor rocker with a vocal contribution by I.R.S. Records impresario Miles Copeland, who admonishes Stiv Bator, "Now don't go tellin' secrets/This record's gotta sell!" After that, the aggression level stays pretty high, dipping only for a couple of ballads, "I Never Believed" and "When Blood Runs Cold" (the latter of which uses a string section; Stiv Bator and strings -- who whould have thought it?) The Method to Our Madness contains some of the Lords' best non-hits: the sinister, sexy, bass-driven "Murder Style" and "The Seducer," the tale of a figure who might be a messiah, might be an antichrist, probably not too far off from how Bator saw himself. The closer, "My Kingdom Come," sounds like an ending, and it was; the Lords would never again record at full power before their split in 1988.


1. Method To My Madness
2. I Never Believed
3. Pretty Baby Scream
4. S.F. & T
5. When Blood Runs Cold
6. Murder Style
7. The Seducer
8. Kiss Of Death
9. Do What Thou Wilt
10.My Kingdom Come
11.Dreams and Desires
12.A Gun Called Justice
13.Good to Be Bad
14.Mind Wrap


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