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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lloyd Cole – Music In A Foreign Language

Released : 2003
Recorded : By Lloyd Cole in New England, 2002-2003
Genre : Indie Pop
Label : Sanctuary Records

Cole's sixth solo album, 'Etc', was stripped back and acoustic in its sound; this, his seventh, goes considerably further. Recorded at his home directly onto his computer, and with only minimal involvement from outside musicians, 'Music in a Foreign Language' completely dispenses with the pop rock of the rest of Cole's catalogue in favour of a hushed, intimate folk sound. The tempos are all slow and quite unvarying; the instrumentation is simple; Cole's vocals are miked so dry and close it's as if he's whispering them right into your ear. To make the record seem an even less appealing prospect, every track is a melancholy self-analysis, bleak in its assessment of life and love and unremittingly self-deprecating in its outlook. (The one departure is a cover of Nick Cave's 'People Ain't No Good', which nevertheless sums up the themes of the album nicely). It is, however, clear that this is exactly the record Cole wanted to make, and no other album in his catalogue has this consistency of sound or experience. It also helps that his wit has never been sharper - every track has at least one memorable line or image. Not for everyone, but an extremely rewarding record for those willing to spend some time and effort with a rather difficult album.


1. Music In A Foreign Language
2. My Other Life
3. Late Night, Early Town
4. Cutting Out
5. No More Love Songs
6. Today I'm Not So Sure
7. My Alibi
8. People Ain't No Good
9. Brazil
10.Shelf Life


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