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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lloyd Cole – Antidepressant

Released : September 2006
Recorded : In New England 2004-2006
Mixed in Magazine Studio, London
Additional recording at Ashley Manor, Wiltshire, England.
Genre : Indie Pop
Label : Sanctuary Records
Producer : Chris Hughes

"No longer young, no longer angry, no longer driven to distraction / not even
by Scarlett Johansson ..."
You gotta love a guy who can writes lyrics like that. Especially if you actually are driven to distraction by the aforementioned Johansson ....
But the music still doesn't do a lot for me, I'm afraid.


1. The Young Idealists
2. Woman In A Bar
3. NYC Sunshine
4. Antidepressant
5. I Didn't See It Coming
6. How Wrong Can You Be?
7. Everysong
8. I Am Not Willing
9. Slip Away
10.Travelling Light
11.Rolodex Incident


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