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Friday, July 8, 2011

L7 - Hungry For Stink

Released : July 12, 1994
Recorded : A&M Studios, Sound City and The Clubhouse in Los Angeles, CA
Genre : Grunge, alternative metal, heavy metal
Length : 44:43
Label : Slash Records, Reprise Records
Producer : L7 and GGGarth

L7's 4th offering doesn't stray too far from their first three. More fuzzy, grungy, guitars. More screaming. It's just flat out dirty rock n roll that we've come to expect. Hey, and I ain't complainin' one bit. It does suffer from filler such as "Riding With a Movie Star" and "Shirley". Overall, the focus seems to lean more on noise, and how noisy L7 could get. It does, however, contain such classics as "Andres", "Can I Run", "The Bomb", and "Fuel My Fire". There is also a slight heavy-psych influence on some of the guitars and vocal effects. So in a way, it's a tad different, but nothing drastic. This is also the last album to feature bassist Jennifer Finch. Yep, this was the last great L7 record, it was just a slight downhill trot after this.


1. Andres
2. Baggage
3. Can I Run
4. The Bomb
5. Questioning My Sanity
6. Riding With a Movie Star
7. Stuck Here Again
8. Fuel My Fire
9. Freak Magnet
10.She Has Eyes
12.Talk Box


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