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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joy Division - Transmission 7"

Released : November 1979 (7"), December 1980 (12")
Format : 7", 12"
Recorded : 1979
Genre : Post-punk
Length : 3:36
Label : Factory
Producer : Martin Hannett

This rating is on the 7" single that first appeared as in import on Factory records in 1979.

This is an early classic single from one of the most important bands to appear after the initial punk rock explosion in the U.K. To this day I remember putting this on my turntable back in '79 and almost falling off my chair, it was and is that good. What hooked me was the combination of Ian's bleak vocals coming at you from the pounding yet melodic punk machine music. This was the doors as they should have sounded. A cry for attention from a band that rightfully deserved it and Joy Divisions first attempt at U.K. pop success.
I was so impressed I instantly renamed my radio show to "Radio Live Transmission".


1. Transmission
2. Novelty


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