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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Joy Division An Ideal For Living EP

Released : 3 June 1978 (7") / 10 October : 1978 (12")
Recorded : 14 December 1977
Genre : Punk rock
Length : 12:47
Label : Enigma, Anonymous
Producer : Joy Division

Joy Division's first release showcases clearly the group's punk roots. "Warsaw" is classic rushed hardcore complete with shouted vocals, while "Failures" simply slows the tempo a bit to become a punk-influenced hard-rock number. "No Love Lost" is almost an instrumental selection, with very late-entering vocals that seem like an afterthought. Most indicative of the group's later releases is the slower-tempo "Leaders of Men," which allows Ian Curtis' bleak lyrics to come to the fore. Sound quality and production values on this release are extremely primitive. This is a mildly interesting, if not great EP; with the re-release of tracks one and three on the rarities album Substance, the need for diehard Joy Division fans to obtain this platter has notably decreased.


1. Warsaw
2. No Love Lost
3. Leaders Of Men
4. Failures


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