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Monday, July 11, 2011

Devo - Post Post - Modern Man EP

Released : 1990
Genre : Electronic, Synth - Pop
Label : Enigma
Producer : Devo

Devo started out as a willfully warped pseudo-punk outfit..... and wound up here? I'll bet they look back on this and laugh their asses off while they make a pretty penny off their numerous reunion tours (as well they should, because they're playing the old school tunes which rule me, rule you and rule your fatass mama, too).
So this is their last single before their breakup. It reminds me of the Vines' "Outtatheway" which isn't a bad thing, really. It's got the Devo flavor, albiet the latter-day-Devo flavor. And, sadly, it lacked the sharp, satirical edge of their earlier work which was still evident in this song, but "Mongoloid" it ain't.
Obviously, it's a shame one of the great satirical bands in rock had to end up with something this, well, devolved. But as a pop/rock song? It has its charms. And the video is amusing too. Go YouTube that shit.
Although as listening, the single itself is, like many singles with remixes, kind of redundant.


1. Post Post-Modern Man (Post Post Post-Modern Edit)
2. Post Post-Modern Man (Pre Post Post-Modern Instrumental)
3. Post Post-Modern Man (Album Version)
4. Post Post-Modern Man (Macro Post-Modern Mix)
5. Post Post-Modern Man (Sub Post-Modern Mix)
6. Post Post-Modern Man (Neo Post-Modern Mix)
7. Post Post-Modern Man (Ultra Post-Modern Dub)


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