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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bang Tango - Ain't No Jive...Live! EP

Released : 1992
Recorded at Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, CA
Genre : Hard rock
Label : MCA
Producer : Mark Dearnley

Lost in the late eightie's greased Hollywood sleaze kicked out by Guns N' Roses, Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns, were numerous acts that carried on in relative obscurity, while the big hyped newcomers from the raunch 'n' roll gutter rode wild and free. Debuting in 1989 with the release of the Psycho Café album, Bang Tango never managed to cut through and challenge the main movers form the glam 'n' scuz scene. By the early '90's, the grunge sound took over, laying waste to the decadent hair force run.
L.A. rollers stuck around during the flannel rule, but the bands were pushed out of the limelight in favor of the angst-riden Pacific Northwest alt-rock. Bango Tango held tight, offering a low-budget, thirty-minute concert recording for MCA in 1992. The five song Ain't No Jive... Live set was pulled from the quintet's performances at the Marquee, in Westminster, California, and Sound City Studios, in Van Nuys.
Fronted by mysterious, gypsy vocalist Joe Leste, Bang Tango managed to drop in a hint of goth to their numbers, as evident on the hot lead off track "Dancin' on Coals", as well as "Someone Like You". Plastered between the pair of songs, B.T. slip in a heavy riffin' cover of Marc Bolan's "20th Century Boy". The set adds the mellow "Midnight Struck", which contrasts the cold blooded closer "Attack of Life". The nine-minute throbbing finale contains interpolation from Ted Nugent's ass kickin' "Stranglehold".
If the collective big brass from MCA had a set of balls between them, Ain't No Jive... Live! would have been issued as a full length disc worth of concert action.


1. Dancin' On Coals
2. 20th Century Boy
3. Someone Like You
4. Midnight Struck
5. Attack Of Life


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