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Thursday, July 14, 2011

45 Grave - Sleep In Safety

Released : 1983
Recorded : Capitol Studios, Hollywood
Genre : Deathrock, Goth, Punk
Length : 41:47
Label : Enigma
Producer : Craig Leon, Paul B. Cutler

American deathrock band 45 Grave. It is the band's only studio album. The album was remastered in 1993 on Restless Records with two additional bonus tracks.
Stylistically, the album contains punk rock and gothic rock influences, and is representative of the deathrock genre. While not straight horror punk, it utilizes tongue-in-cheek lyrics (such as on "Riboflavin") and sound effects and audio excerpts from horror films (evident on "Slice O' Life"). The album is often considered a landmark in deathrock and American gothic rock and one of finest examples of its genre.


1. Insurance From God
2. Evil
3. Partytime
4. Dream Hits II
5. Slice O' Life
6. 45 Grave
7. Phantoms
8. Violent World
9. Bad Love
10.Surf Bat


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