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Monday, June 20, 2011

Various – Dischord 1981: The Year In Seven Inches

Released : October 1995
Genre : Hardcore Punk
Label : Dischords Records
Producer(s) : Don Zientara (tracks: 41 to 48), Ian MacKaye (tracks: 27 to 36), Minor Threat (tracks: 19 to 26, 37 to 40), Skip Groff (tracks: 1 to 18), Youth Brigade (2) (tracks: 41 to 48)

Dischord 1981: The Year in Seven Inches tells the story of the origins of the one of the first hardcore punk labels and the early D.C. hardcore scene. When the Teen Idles had no one to release their posthumous record, Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson took $600 in the band's gig money and made it themselves. Like every band on this album, the Teen Idles were meagerly recorded on a four-track, giving them a raw sound that came to characterize the early hardcore scene. The album kicks off with "Teen Idles," a 44-second anthem that ends with the memorable line "We're as idle as teens can get." Debuts of four other D.C. bands follow. A young Henry Garfield (later known as Henry Rollins) is heard chanting with S.O.A. (State of Alert). With the breakup of the Teen Idles, Nelson and MacKaye went onto form Minor Threat, whose classics "Straight Edge" and "Minor Threat" appear along with "In My Eyes" and "Out of Step" from its second EP. The hard-driving, super-fast songs of Government Issue and Youth Brigade bring the record's total to 48 tracks, all for eight bucks.


1. Teen Idles - Teen Idles
2. Sneakers - Teen Idles
3. Get Up and Go - Teen Idles
4. Deadhead - Teen Idles
5. Fleeting Fury - Teen Idles
6. Fiorucci Nightmare - Teen Idles
7. Getting in My Way - Teen Idles
8. Too Young to Rock - Teen Idles
9. Lost in Space - State Of Alert
10.Draw Blank - State Of Alert
11.Girl Problems - State Of Alert
12.Blackout - State Of Alert
13.Gate Crashers - State Of Alert
14.Warzone - State Of Alert
15.Riot - State Of Alert
16.Gang Fight - State Of Alert
17.Public Defender - State Of Alert
18.Gonna Hafta Fight - State Of Alert
19.Filler - Minor Threat
20.I Don't Wanna Hear It - Minor Threat
21.Seeing Red - Minor Threat
22.Straight Edge - Minor Threat
23.Small Man, Big Mouth - Minor Threat
24.Screaming at a Wall - Minor Threat
25.Bottled Violence - Minor Threat
26.Minor Threat - Minor Threat
27.Religious Ripoff - Government Issue
28.Fashionite - Government Issue
29.Rock'n Roll Bullshit - Government Issue
30.Anarchy Is Dead - Government Issue
31.Sheer Terror - Government Issue
32.Asshole - Government Issue
33.Bored to Death - Government Issue
34.No Rights - Government Issue
35.I'm James Dean - Government Issue
36.Cowboy Fashion - Government Issue
37.In My Eyes - Minor Threat
38.Out of Step - Minor Threat
39.Guilty of Being White - Minor Threat
40.(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone - Minor Threat
41.It's About Time That We Had a Change - Youth Brigade
42.Full Speed Ahead - Youth Brigade
43.Point of View - Youth Brigade
44. Barbed Wire - Youth Brigade
45.Pay No Attention - Youth Brigade
46.Wrong Decision - Youth Brigade
47.No Song - Youth Brigade
48.No Song II - Youth Brigade


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