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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Undertones - Teenage Kicks 7"

Released : 1978
Recorded at Wizard Studios Belfast
Genre : Punk Rock, Pop Punk
Label : Sire Records

Talk about playing with energy! "Teenage Kicks" is a rip-roaring punk classic, and I think the singer's slightly restrained vocals (like, he could lash out if he really wanted to) make it what it is. Since at their core, most teenagers are just a bunch of scared, angsty, restrained nervous wrecks. And in only 8 minutes, The Undertones' Teenage Kicks EP does a great job at capturing that.
The songwriting is simple, the riffs aren't anything to write home about.. but it makes up for everything in terms of sheer ENERGY!!! Get teenage kicks all through the night, ALL RIGHT!


1. Teenage Kicks
2. Smarter Than U
3. True Confessions
4. Emergency Cases


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