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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UK Subs - Another Kind Of Blue

Released : 1979
Recorded at Kingsway Recorders Ltd on May - June 1979.
Genre: Punk Rock
Label : Gem
Producer(s) : John McCoy, UK Subs

Classic tracks from a classic era. The U.K. Subs brought something a little difference to the punk / new wave scene of the very late 70's and this album stands the test of time very well indeed. Some of the tracks are a little basic, but overall there is no disputing the overall entertainment value of these 17 short and simple but powerful tracks.


1. C.I.D.
2. I Couldn't Be You
3. I Live In A Car
4. Tomorrows Girls
5. Killer
6. World War
7. Rockers
8. I.O.D.
9. T.V. Blues
11.Lady Esquire
12.All I Wanna Know
13.Crash Course
14.Young Criminals


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