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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Specials - Single Collection

Released : January 9, 1991
Genre : Ska, 2 Tone, New Wave
Length : 52:10
Label : 2 Tone/Chrysalis

The best ska album from the best ska group out there. every tracks is damn near perfect and the live songs also kill. "gangsters" is one of the top 10 side one, track ones of all time, and 'a message to you rudy" is my favorite song by these guys. "rat race" is also here in fine form. also the hauntingly eerie classic "ghost town". the music still speaks such volumes that you just don't realize that these songs were made way back around 1979-1984. this is a true testament to the evolution of ska.


1. Gangsters
2. Rudi: A Message To You
3. Nite Club
4. Too Much Too Young (live)
5. Guns Of Navarone (live)
6. Rat Race
7. Rude Boys Outta Jail
8. Maggie's Farm
9. Do Nothing
11.Ghost Town (12" Version )
13.Friday Night, Saturday Morning
14.Racist Friend
15.Free Nelson Mandela (Extended Version)


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