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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Primitives - Bombshell The Hit And More

Released : 1994
Genre : Indie Pop
Format : Compilation
Label : RCA
Producer(s) : Ed Buller (tracks: 10), Ian Broudie (tracks: 6,9), Mark Wallace (2) (tracks: 1,2), Paul Sampson (tracks: 1-5,7,8,12-14,16,17), Primitives, The (tracks: 10,11,15,18), Wayne Morris (tracks: 3,7,12,16,17)
Compiled By : Paul Walmsley

For the first few years of their existence, the Primitives had to weather an endless stream of comparisons to Blondie, even though all the two groups had in common was a devotion to pure pop songcraft and way-cute peroxide-headed lead singers (in the Primitives' case, the adorable and euphoniously named Tracy Tracey). In reality, the Primitives were like the Buzzcocks by way of the Jesus and Mary Chain, with a heavy dose of the Archies as well. Guitarist Paul Court's songs were terrifically catchy, and as this well-chosen hits selection (heavy on their terrific first two albums, justifiably light on the disappointing third) shows the group's surprising versatility, from the full-on buzzsaw pop of "Stop Killing Me" to the winsome, plaintive "Don't Want Anything to Change." As a bonus, this set adds noisy lo-fi demos of their twin pinnacles "Secrets" and "Crash" and a dose of B-sides, including a lovely version of Marianne Faithfull's arrangement of the Rolling Stones' "As Tears Go By."


1. Crash
2. Stop Killing Me
3. Sick of It
4. Way Behind Me
5. Thru the Flowers
6. Lead Me Astray
7. Secrets
8. Out of Reach
9. You Are the Way
11.Earth Thing
12.All the Way Down (Beat Version)
13.Don't Want Anything to Change
14.Way Behind Me (Acoustic)
15.Stop Killing Me (Acoustic)
16.As Tears Go By
17.Secrets (Demo)
18.Crash (Demo)


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