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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pixies - Come On Pilgrim

Released : September 28, 1987
Recorded : March 1987 at Fort Apache Studios, Roxbury, Massachusetts
Genre : Alternative rock
Length : 20:28
Language : English
Label : 4AD
Producer : Gary Smith

The short and sharp debut EP by one of the greatest alternative bands in music history and some of the godfathers of indie rock, too. The Pixies are already on top form here; while the band would improve upon "Vamos" later on Surfer Rosa this EP still contains two of my favorite Pixies tracks, specifically the first and last songs. The longing, mournful "Caribou" contains one of my favorite concepts in a song ever, and on "Levitate Me" the Pixies reach a fervor unmatched perhaps anywhere else in their career. Not bad for their first twenty minutes on record.


1. Caribou
2. Vamos
3. Isla de Encanta
4. Ed Is Dead
5. The Holiday Song
6. Nimrod's Son
7. I've Been Tired
8. Levitate Me


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