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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pearl Jam - Merkinball EP

Released : December 5, 1995
Recorded : February 7–10, 1995 at Bad Animals Studio, Seattle, Washington
Genre : Alternative rock, grunge
Length : 10:52
Label : Epic
Producer : Brett Eliason

Merkinball is in fact a single but strangely enough it doesn't have neither of the songs' titles so it goes as an EP. Weird enough, isn't it?
Both songs are great and could've been on any of the previous three PJ albums. Especially on Ten or Vs. There is none of the slightly overwhelming artsy nature of Vitalogy here. I Got ID is a relaxing alternative rock song and Long Road is a touching ballad. None of these are the second comings of Rearviewmirror, Jeremy or Spin the Black Circle, but both would've been great solid tracks on the regular albums.
A standout effort from the Jam boys this time and I think this is better than Vitalogy which aside the highlights, had some severely bad stuff. These two are just two great song in great PJ fashion. But don't pay too much for this little 11 minute EP, you may get these songs on some compilations, I guess.


1. I Got Id
2. Long Road


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