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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cactus World News – Urban Beaches

Released : 1986 (original), 2001 (re-issue)
Genre : New Wave, Alternative Rock
Label : MCA (original), Red Coral Records (re-issue)
Producer : Chris Kimsey

Cactus World News wastes no time in making a first impression on its debut album Urban Beaches. The opening track "Worlds Apart" explodes from the speakers with screeching, reverberating guitars, tumbling drums, and fervent vocals. The anthemic chorus and breathtaking energy of "Worlds Apart" will remind listeners of U2's "I Will Follow" in its feel and execution. However, despite similarities to the music of fellow Irish band U2, Urban Beaches is a smart, hypnotically melodic album bristling with youthful exuberance and sparkling musicianship. The impassioned singing of Eoin McEvoy on "Worlds Apart," "In a Whirlpool," "The Promise," and "The Bridge" is contagious; after hearing him bellow "Worlds apart, worlds apart/Closer than I've ever been/To you" a few times, listeners will find themselves mouthing the words or perhaps singing it in the shower. Frank Kearns' driving, electrifying riffs magnify the urgency in McEvoy's voice; nearly every track has thrilling, dramatic guitar playing. Urban Beaches should've been a hit in the U.S.; instead, it became a buried treasure in the cutout bins.

1. Worlds Apart
2. In A Whirlpool
3. The Promise
4. The Bridge
5. State Of Emergency
6. Years Later
7. Church Of The Cold
8. Pilots Of Beka
9. Jigsaw Street
10.Maybe This Time
11.Cashen Bay Strand
12.The Bridge (Original EP Version) / Producer – Bono, Jon Kelly
13.The Other Extreme / Producer – Bono, Jon Kelly
14.Frontiers / Producer – Bono, Jon Kelly
15.Go Dti An Tra
16.Tables Overturn
17.State Of Emergency (RTE Radio Session) / Producer – Ian Wilson


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