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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cactus World News - Spin Magazine Concert Series

Released : 1986
Recorded Live At The Whisky, Los Angeles, CA. August 20, 1986.
"America" is a cover of the Simon & Garfunkel Song.
Genre : New Wave, Alternative Rock
Label : MCA
Producer : Edward Rasin, Tim Devine

Despite lacking what is by far and away their best song, "Worlds Apart" (and one of their other best songs, "Pilots Of Beka"), this is a fascinating listen for fans of this band. There are interview snippets interspersed throughout, as well as ads for things such as the debut album by Fine Young Cannibals and Targa car tape decks. Highlights: "The Other Extreme," "Maybe This Time," "Church Of The Cold." This LP should have paved the way for CWN to become fairly big stars, since it was apparently played in its entirety on lots of radio stations across the U.S.


1. Church Of The Cold
2. Years Later
3. Tables Overturn
4. The Bridge
5. Hurry Back
6. The Other Extreme
7. Maybe This Time
8. America
9. Jigsaw Street


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