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Monday, May 23, 2011

Millions Of Dead Children - Chicken Squawk EP

Released : 1984, San Francisco, CA: Secret/Rhytmic River Studios
Genre : Hardcore Punk
Label : R Radical Records
Producer : Hank Radical Smith

The A Side of this record is "Chicken Squawk," which at first listen might sound like a novelty song, but I think is actually the best vegetarian anthem ever written. MDC leave the facts and figures for the booklet and lay down a song that is funny, upbeat and catchy - a breathe of fresh air among all the other preachy, gloomy, or downright gross animal rights anthems. This song is also great because it proves that MDC weren't the uptight politicians that many nihilistic party punks accused them of being. It's understandable that many bands were negative or despairing during the Reagan years, rightly so, but it's great that MDC took a stance on vegetarianism as something to celebrate. This song was a big inspiration for me when I took the step to giving up meat. The music is pretty damn good too, pointing out that the difference between punk and bluegrass isn't really so great. The B side of this single is fairly lackluster. "Death of a Nun" has some good lyrics about South American death squads, but the band sounds like they're on autopilot.


1. Chicken Squawk
2. Kleptomaniac
3. Death of a Nun


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