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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender

Released : 1990
Genre : Hardcore punk, metalcore
Length : 10:25 (Vinyl), 15:04 (Cassette/CD)
Label : Revelation Records

A descent...Uh...hardcore punk?..EP. It contains fine musicianship and a side of Zack De La Rocha I never thought I'd ever hear. Though De La Rocha is not that great of a singer he pays his role of a pissed off protestant making a point fine in this recording (it's kind of the rage you hear on Rage...pun intended...but with more melodic and sometimes harsh voice, instead of rapping of course). I have no idea who the bass player is here, but he's a fine bass player, he executes some particular bass lines that appear to be the driving force of the songs. Definitely the best song here is the opener "Burning Fight", it delivers a heavy punch and for a second while I was listening to it, it made me think about buying the EP. After that we have a really weak track that contains the trademark of the genre, in fact it kinda reminds me of "Necrophobic" by Slayer but in a much crappy version (I bring the comparison in terms of lenght and simplicity), I'm talking about a tune called "Undertone", it's a 1:41 seconds long stinker, but again a trademark of the genre. The last songs on the EP are all descent but fall short and just when I felt they were reaching their climax, they all ended. So check this out if you are a fan of hardcore punk, but most people who check this out will be RATM fans (me included) but don't think or feel like you are missing on something big here if you haven't heard it.


1. Burning Fight
2. Undertone
3. By A Thread
4. No Spiritual Surrender
5. Sacrifice
6. Redemption


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