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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ian McCulloch - Slideling

Released : 28 April 2003
Genre : Alternative rock
Length : 42:10
Label : Cooking Vinyl
Producer : Cenzo Townshend, Ian McCulloch

Of course, this was no great success. Of course, it is very good. Not seminal or anything, just consistently good classic song-writing. And you know what? Next time around it could possibly be magnificent if Mac would do the really conservative thing: A piano, an acoustic guitar, a couple of cellos, maybe now and then a horn. Unlike almost anybody in rock, he has the voice to do exactly that.


1. Love in Veins
2. Playgrounds and City Parks
3. Sliding
4. Baby Hold On
5. Arthur
6. Seasons
7. Another Train
8. High Wires
9. She Sings (All My Life)
11.Stake Your Claim


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