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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hatebreed – The Rise Of Brutality

Released : October 28, 2003
Genre : Metalcore, Nu Metal
Length : 33:58
Label : Universal
Producer : Zeuss

This album is the toughest of its kind out there and is intended only for some who really enjoys metal core. Some who does not normally like this music wont enjoy the album as much, but fans should love and cherish this album.


1. Tear It Down
2. Straight To Your Face
3. Facing What Consumes You
4. Live For This
5. Doomsayer
6. Another Day, Another Vendetta
7. A Lesson Lived Is A Lesson Learned
8. Beholder Of Justice
9. This Is Now
10.Voice Of Contention
11.Choose Or Be Chosen
12.Confide In No One
13.Bound To Violence


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