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Sunday, May 15, 2011

CCCP - Best of CCCP 1985 1992

Released : 1992
Genre : Techno, Synth Pop, Industrial
Label : Clockwork Records
Producer : Rainer Streubel

I guess they're German, do a mixture of synth pop / industrial sounds and are obviously influenced by Depeche Mode and New Order (among others). Not bad, but what has been lacking to make them more known, are decent tunes, I guess.


1. American-Soviets
2. Save Me
3. Liason II
4. Digital Musicland
5. Twighlight
6. All She Wants
7. William
8. Heaven Closed
9. Intro
10.Caravan Of Marrakesh
11.Sound Innovator
12.Made In Russia
13.Orient Express
14.United States Of Europe
15.Don't Kill The Rain Forest
16.Liquid Sky (Mix 2)


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