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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Teen Idles - Minor Disturbance

Released : December 1980
Recorded : 1980
Genre : Hardcore punk
Label : Dischord Records
Producer : Skipp Groff

Minor Disturbance was the sole studio extended play by the Washington, D.C. hardcore punk band The Teen Idles, released on Dischord Records in December 1980. Comprising eight songs, Minor Disturbance referenced a number of issues pertinent to the band, from being turned away at local concerts due to their age ("Too Young to Rock") to what they felt was the increasing complacency of many first wave punk bands ("Fleeting Fury"). Upon its release, Minor Disturbance, Dischord Records' first record, received positive reviews from local fanzines and gained airplay on local radio stations.


1. Teen Idles
2. Sneakers
3. Get Up and Go
4. Deadhead
5. Fleeting Fury
6. Fiorucci Nightmare
7. Getting in My Way
8. Too Young to Rock


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