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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Smiths, The - Troy Tate Sessions

Released : 2004
Genre : Alternative rock, Indie rock, Indie pop
Label : Kombat Records
Producer : Troy Tate

This is sort of a historical artifact of the Smiths history, their failed first attempt at making their debut album. Some of these versions of songs are just as good as those that would appear on their real debut (the crappy production doesn't bother me much)- for example, the opening two songs and Pretty Girls Make Graves. There are also some songs here I have never heard- Wonderful Woman and Jeane were new to me, and they sounded decent. This also contains, I think, the only studio version of Handsome Devil. But that song was better on Hatful of Hollow. Overall, it's good that they never managed to release this because it still sounds like a number of the songs needed work, and they would be much better the following year. This is recommended for serious Smiths fans who want to hear all of the music this band produced.


1. reel around the fountain
2. you’ve got everything now
3. miserable lie
4. these things take time
5. wonderful woman
6. handsome devil
7. suffer little children
8. pretty girls make graves
9. hand in glove
10. what difference does it make
11. i dont owe you anything
12. jeane


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