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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Government Issue - Boycott Stabb EP

Released : 1983
Date Recorded : Oct. 1, 1982 - Jan. 1983
Genre : Hardcore Punk
Label : Fountain of Youth Records / Dischord Records

Way good DC hardcore with severe rock leanings, but no 'metal' trappings at all, right around the time when this kind of music was 'progressing', and these guys were among the first to start pushing the boundaries of what was 'HC'. Vocalist John Stabb was/is one of the best punk rock singers of all time, injecting a passion into the words and delivery that was/is very rare for the form. Every single song on here is incredibly catchy, and heavy, too with a ripping burly guitar tone. In their day, these guys were kind of underrated, but now, with reissues of these records and a general upsurge in interest of this type of music, maybe they will be permanently recognised as the true pioneers that they were. GI were one of the only HC bands that actually got better as they matured, getting more proficient but not losing any of the momentum they has at the get go. An outstanding record.


1. Hall of Fame
2. Hour of 1
3. G.I.
4. Puppet On a String
5. Sheer Terror
6. Happy People
7. Lost In Limbo
8. Plain To See
9. Partyline
10. Here's the Rope
11. Insomniac


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