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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gang Of Four – Another Day Another Dollar

Released : January 1982
Recorded : 1981
Genre : Rock
Length : 21:06
Label : EMI/Warner Bros.
Producer : Andy Gill, Jon King

As always with these guys, lyrics are provocative and excellent, and for me at least, only "History's Bunk!" falls down a little musically, awash in a cavernous mix that may be attributable to co-producer Launer. And even there, the noisy feedback that swims around the basic tune is pretty appropriate and the lyrics carry it throughout. But "To Hell With Poverty" and "Capital (It Fails Us Now)" ride in on great riffs and then toss excellent lyrics on top (though not an afterthought as that description might imply). On the B, two live tracks smoke their studio versions, with "What We All Want" a fine beefing up of the skeletal version on Solid Gold and "Cheesburger" - the highlight of the whole set for me - taken at a rocketing tempo with the sampled vocal snippets from the album done live by the band to brilliant effect. King's manic "39 miles per gallon estimated town mileage, 54 miles per gallon estimated highway mileage!" is at once pointed and hilarious, bringing the song's message into a sharp and sardonic relief. Great, indispensable stuff.


1. To Hell With Poverty
2. Capital (It Fails Us Now)
3. History's Bunk!
4. Cheeseburger
5. What We All Want


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