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Friday, April 15, 2011

Flag Of Democracy - Shatter Your Day LP

Released : 1985
Recorded at Spectrum Sound Studios, Prospect Park, PA November 1985
Genre : Hardcore Punk
Label : Buy Our Records
Producer : Flag Of Democracy

Pretty decent slab of punkness from this band from Philly, that sounds more then a little bit like the Dead Kennedy's do to vocalists James McMonagle. Worthwhile.


1. Love Song II
2. Metal Plate
3. Kid Called Me
4. Shatter Your Day
5. The Family Knows
6. Science Patrol
7. Mad House
8. Carousel
9. Everythings O.K.
10.Cheep Alchohol
11.Hoe Down
12.Shadows Of Children
13.Serene Danker
14.Guimos' Theme
15.Black Light


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