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Friday, April 15, 2011

Flag Of Democracy - 23

Released : 1988
Recorded at Mirror Sounds Studios N.J. April 1988
Genre : hardcore Punk
Label : Buy Our Records
Producer : Flag Of Democracy

Second full lenght album of F.O.D., another personal favorite of mine that hits close to the heart with memories. this lp saved my life in many unexplainable ways!!!


1. Geisha
2. 13 Years
3. deckuF ruoY
4. Aberration
5. Doors O' Perception
6. Teen Beat
7. Going, Going, Gone
8. Love Song III
9. Brain Dead
10.Non-Stop Weekend
11.40 oz. Of Manhood
12.I Don't Know
13.All That You Need
14.This Beautiful Place
15.Out To Get You
16.Pop Goes The Weasel
17.Green Pepper Blues


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