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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Exploited - Jesus Is Dead EP

Released : 1986
Recorded at the Yard Studios
Format : 12" EP
Genre : Hardcore Punk
Label : Rough Justice
Producer : Wattie

The Jesus Is Dead EP by stalwart Scottish punk rockers the Exploited is very likely the most solid release the band ever put out. Singer and frontman Wattie Buchan wrangles in yet another new crew of musicians/gang members for these four savage, thrashing tracks about politicians, imperialism, religion, drugs, and issues with law enforcement. Production-wise, this is the best the band has ever sounded: the drums are huge, the bass has girth, guitars have bite, and Wattie's vocals (legendarily indiscernible) are loud, upfront, and largely understandable. This is a good thing too because, as simple and straightforward as the songs are, there is some pretty clever songwriting in here. Fans of the band (and fans of raw, honest punk rock in general) will be pleasantly surprised to find how well Wattie and the Exploited's brand of sincere, hard-working punk stands the test of time


1. Drug Squad Man
2. Privacy Invasion
3. Jesus Is Dead
4. Politicians


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