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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Exploited – Beat The Bastards

Released : 1996
Genre : Hardcore punk, crossover thrash
Length : 51:34
Label : Rough Justice
Producer : Colin Richardson, ZM, Wattie Buchan

This is a blistering slice of hardcore from the godfather's of UK hardcore. It opens with the awesome title track "Beat the Bastards". However the rest of the album follows exactly the same formula of double bass pedal drumming and thrashing guitars and whilst it works wonderfully on the 1st track, after 12 tracks it can get a bit tiresome and you get bored. A bit more variety was needed. Not a bad effort though.


1. Beat The Bastards
2. Affected By Them
3. Don't Blame Me
4. Law For The Rich
5. System Fucked Up
6. They Lie
7. If You're Sad
8. Fightback
9. Massacre Of Innocents
10.Police TV
11.Sea Of Blood
12.15 Years
13.Serial Killer


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