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Friday, April 15, 2011

Alice In Chains - Alice in Chains

Released : November 7, 1995
Recorded : April - August 1995 at Bad Animals Studio in Seattle, Washington
Genre : Alternative metal, grunge, heavy metal
Length : 64:50
Label : Columbia
Producer : Toby Wright, Alice in Chains

How do you follow up an album as legendary as Dirt? Well, there is a lot of difficulty pulling something like that off, but Alice in Chains is a very strong effort itself. It has a lot of consistency but it manages to be consistent in it's quality level as opposed to having a consistent sound. This is because this album manages to have a lot of variation, something that you may not exactly expect from an Alice in Chains album. Also, Layne Staley is very good on this album, his last album.


1. Grind
2. Brush Away
3. Sludge Factory
4. Heaven Beside You
5. Head Creeps
6. Again
7. Shame In You
8. God Am
9. So Close
10. Nothin Song
11. Frogs
12. Over Now


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