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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Adventures - The Sea Of Love

Released : 1988
Recorded : 1986-1988
Genre : Pop, Rock, New Wave
Label : Elektra
Producer : Pete Smith, Gary Bell

This is a fine document of an era, white soulful pop with some grandeur and a little bit of gospel/world flavour. A big heart, but unfortunately, it is all about the surface. The big hooks are smoothed out and the lines repeated until you´re get really tired of it. That goes for the opening track and the final track in particular. That drags down my overall rating considerably.
All in all, this is a lush romantic pop album, but not very original. Somewhere between Simple Minds, Deacon Blue, Big Country and Tears for Fears. Some of the tracks are splendid and it is easy to get into the mood, but after the final track, one of meaningless overindulgence, you are reminded how imitative and superficial the music really is.


1. Drowning in the Sea of Love
2. Broken Land
3. You Don't Have to Cry Anymore
4. The Trip to Bountiful (When the Rain Comes Down)
5. Heaven Knows Which Way
6. Hold Me Now
7. The Sound of Summer
8. When Your Heart Was Young
9. One Step From Heaven


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