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Saturday, April 9, 2011

7 Seconds- Ourselves

Released : 1988
Genre : Punk rock, hardcore
Label : Restless
Producer : John Baccigaluppi

Ourselves is a highly underrated album, which is evident as this is the first review for this album. The band take an odd turn on this album, with a more technical feel. The riffs on this album are fantastic and there are some great catchy songs. They have dropped their Hardcore Punk sound completely with this album which is probably why no one remembers it. I urge everyone who doesn't mind a band changing their sound to listen to this album, it's a great listen.


1. Escape And Run
2. Far Away Friends
3. The Save Ourselves
4. If I Abide
5. Wish I Could Help
6. Sleep
7. Sister
8. Middleground
9. When One Falls
10.Some Sort Of Balance
11.Seven Years


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