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Friday, April 8, 2011

7 seconds - Committed For Life

Released : 1983
Recorded at NOBS Sounds, Reno
Genre : Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock
Label : Squirtdown Records
Producer : Jim D. & Kevin Seconds

Committed for Life EP is the best by far. They waste no time with "5 Years of Lies," no intro or anything, just straight into fast hardcore that is decidedly lo-fi, and Kevin's vocals are not yet as sappy as they would be in later years. "Drug Control" and "Bottomless Pit" are ok, wish I couldn't make out the lyrics, though, but then you run into two absolute classics of the genre: "Fight Your Own Fight" and the title track. Honestly I would stack these two songs against any other two songs from all of US hardcore in the 80's. "This is the Angry" is your basic whoa-whoa 7 SECONDS song, and "Aggro" sounds like it could have been on The Crew. All the songs on this are good, but the first song, and the two powerhouses in the middle, really ought to be heard.


1. 5 Years of Lies
2. Drug Control
3. Bottomless Pit
4. Fight Your Own Fight
5. Committed for Life
6. This is the Angry
7. Aggro


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