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Friday, April 8, 2011

45 Grave - Black Cross

Released : 1981
Format : 7"
Genre : Punk rock, Gothic rock
Length : 7:30

45 Grave's debut single. It was not featured on an album but was later included on their 1987 compilation "Autopsy" and was a staple on their live recordings. It is a good example of 45 Grave's style, a blend of goth and punk rock.
The B-side, "Wax", was never featured on a studio album but was released on "Autopsy". "Wax" differs from other early works by 45 Grave as it dips more into the heavy metal genre, creating a slow, atmospheric, heavy goth song.
"Black Cross" was also covered by alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers for their Live in Hyde Park album.


Side A
1. Black Cross
Side B
2. Wax


1 comment:

Daniel said...

Back as a young metalhead I remember my friends brother had this 45 Grave sticker on his bedroom door...ha ha we had no idea who 45 Grave was but new the sticker looked cool and evil.