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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wire Train - Between Two Words

Released : 1985
Label : Columbia/415
Genre : New Wave
Producer : Peter Maunu

While Between Two Words doesn't have the consistent hooks of Wire Train's first album, In a Chamber, it contains three of the group's best tracks. Less ambiguous and frenetic than In a Chamber, Between Two Words is nevertheless more of the same -- shimmering guitars, vigorous drums, and English-styled vocals. The songs just aren't as catchy except for a trio of pop gems: "Skills of Summer," "Last Perfect Thing," and "God on Our Side." The swirling riffs of "Skills of Summer" resemble the Church's psychedelic jams so much that one wonders which band influenced the other; after all, they debuted almost simultaneously. "Skills of Summer" could easily be placed on the Church's Remote Luxury or Heyday LPs, and only dog ears would notice the difference. The rocking "Last Perfect Thing" finds Wire Train leaning closer toward the more aggressive feel of 1987's Ten Women. "God on Our Side" is actually a Bob Dylan cover, and Wire Train courageously updates it with a new wave sheen; coated with jangling, glimmering guitars, it sounds like, well, Wire Train. Since Oglio records combined In a Chamber and Between Two Words onto a single CD in 1995, skip the vinyl; just think of the CD as In a Chamber with three outstanding bonus tracks and some halfway decent filler.


1. Last Perfect Thing
2. Skills Of Summer
3. When She Was A Girl
4. God On Our Side
5. Love, Love
6. I Will
7. No Pretties
8. The Ocean
9. Two Persons


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