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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Violent Femmes - 3

Released : early 1989
Recorded : Carriage House, Stamford, CT
Genre : Alternative rock, Folk punk
Length : 36:07
Label : Slash
Producer : Violent Femmes, Warren A. Bruleigh

The fourth album finds the band in somewhat of a rut creatively. Fans of the band's early days will appreciate the slightly stripped-back acoustic production, but without much energy and less focus on teen angst, the album falls flat in most places. Only the single "Nightmares" and the confessional "See My Ships" leave any lasting impression.


1. Nightmares
2. Just Like My Father
3. Dating Days
4. Fat
5. Fool In The Full Moon
6. Nothing Worth Living For
7. World We're Living In
8. Outside The Palace
9. Telephone Book
10.Mother Of A Girl
12.See My Ships


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