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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Venom - Hell

Released : June 9, 2008 (UK), June 10, 2008 (US)
Recorded : DoomtooN Facilities, UK
Genre : Thrash metal, speed metal, black metal, heavy metal
Length : 55:25
Label : Universal
Producer : Conrad Lant

Long credited with inventing black metal, veteran Newcastle trio Venom can pretty much do whatever it wants and get away with it, but the group's surprising return to form in 2006 with the comeback album Metal Black proved that they (bassist/singer Cronos is the only remaining original member) still had something evil to say. 2008's Hell (calling a Venom record Hell is like naming your dog "barky") may not be clever, forward thinking, or subtle, but it's certainly reliable. The production is a notch up from Metal Black's deliberately lo-fi celebration of its former glories, and the songs are expertly played, dutifully sparse and legitimately cruel, boasting typical Venom-esque titles like "Stab U in the Back," "Evilution Devilution," and "USA for Satan." At this point in its career, Venom need not fall prey to the dangers of growth, especially when the genre that it helped birth continues to breed both new bands and new fans. Like Motörhead, who also continue to release the same album every couple of years, it's more about staying in the game than changing the rules.


1. Straight To Hell
2. The Power & The Glory
3. Hand Of God
4. Fall From Grace
5. Hell
6. Evil Perfection
7. Stab U In The Back
8. Armageddon
9. Kill The Music
10.Evilution Devilution
11. Blood Sky
12.USA For Satan
13.Dirge / Awakening


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