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Monday, March 21, 2011

Samhain - Unholy Passion

Released : 1985, 1986, 2000
Recorded : October 1984, 1987
Genre : Death rock, gothic rock
Length : 17:22
Label : Plan 9, E-Magine Records
Producer : Glenn Danzig

Unholy Passion is the second release by Samhain, Glenn Danzig's band after the disbanding of The Misfits. The original Unholy Passion EP is now long out of print. In 1987 Danzig re-recorded the guitar and some vocal tracks for the songs, removing the original work done by Pete "Damien" Marshall. The recordings were given new mixes and, with the addition of "Misery Tomb", were released as part of Final Descent in 1990. The remixed versions were released as a standalone CD for the first time as part of the Samhain Box Set in 1999 and as an individual CD in 2000.
The original 12" vinyl EP was pressed twice: once on black vinyl and the classic tan cover, and then again in 1986, on both red and black vinyl (with a maroon sleeve), and white vinyl (with tan cover).


1. Unholy Passion
2. All Hell
3. Moribund
4. The Hungry End
5. Misery Tomb
6. I Am Misery


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