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Monday, March 21, 2011

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - 1984 - 1989

Released : Jun 1989
Genre : Rock, Indie Pop
Length : 52:40
Label : Capitol

The lush, facile simplicity of Lloyd Cole's music is brimmed with cushioned harmonies and soft-spoken choruses, and more often than not deals with the complexity of love. Accompanied by the bright jangle of guitar that's hitched to palatable pop tempos, his work with backup band the Commotions produced a number of melody-ridden songs that are best accessed on 1984-1989, a collection of their finest material. Not unlike Orange Juice or the Blue Nile, Cole's music used polished instrumentation behind elements of subdued '80s Europop, best exemplified in songs like "Perfect Skin" and "You Will Never Be No Good." As an enduring and enjoyable compilation, 1984-1989 really does gather the cream of their music, and each song relinquishes a clean, robust sound. Some of the more beautiful tracks include the friendly candor of "Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?" or the irregularity between the lines of "Jennifer She Said." "Brand New Friend" glimmers with Cole's vocal resilience, as does the pristine bounce of "Lost Weekend." All three of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' albums contribute songs to this best-of, with the stronger pieces coming from 1984's Rattlesnakes. Cole's music strays from sounding contrived or overlapped and sports comparisons to the Beautiful South in that they share the same lyrical wit and appeal. Relatively unknown in North America, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions contributed to some of the finest music to ever hover with pop ease, and this compilation lines up his best work all in one place.


1. Perfect Skin
2. Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?
3. Forest Fire (Bruce Lampcov Remix)
4. You Will Never Be No Good
5. Rattlesnakes
6. Perfect Blue
7. Brand New Friend
8. Cut Me Down
9. Lost Weekend
10.Her Last Fling
11.Mr Malcontent
12.My Bag
13.Jennifer She Said
14.From The Hip


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