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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Danzig - Danzig

Released : August, 1988
Recorded : 1987-1988 at Atlantic Recording Studios and Chung King Metal in New York City
Genre : Heavy metal, blues-rock
Length : 40:57
Label : Def American, Warner Bros.
Producer : Rick Rubin

Danzig debuts with a record of simple, pounding, bluesy metal featuring lead singer Glenn Danzig's trademark Elvis-meets-Jim Morrison bellow and outlandishly dark, evil lyrics. There isn't a great deal of musical variety or complexity here, but the band powers its way through such signature tunes as "Twist of Cain," "Am I Demon," and the (future) hit "Mother" with a primal energy. Plus, Danzig's tongue-in-cheek posturing as the ultimate unholier-than-thou heavy metal frontman gives the record a definite appeal, even if one is not inclined to view his theatrics as dangerous or threatening.


1. Twist Of Cain
2. Not Of This World
3. She Rides
4. Soul On Fire
5. Am I Demon
6. Mother
7. Possession
8. End Of Time
9. The Hunter
10.Evil Thing


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