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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bauhaus - The Singles 1981-1983

Released : October 1983
Genre : Post-punk
Label : Beggars Banquet
Producer : Bauhaus, Hugh Jones, John Sparrow

A rather odd six-track EP which collects singles and EPs from the band's later period, Singles: 1981-1983 features the A-sides "Passion of Lovers," "Kick in the Eye," "Lagartija Nick," and "She's in Parties," as well as a notable B-side, "Zeit." Collectors will undoubtedly be the only ones interested in this item, considering the other tracks are available on better packages.


1. The Passion Of Lovers
2. Kick In The Eye
3. Spirit
4. Zeit
5. Lagartija Nick
6. She's In Parties


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