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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leftöver Crack - Mediocore Generica

Released : September 11, 2001
Genre : Ska punk, anarcho-punk, crust punk
Label : Hellcat Records

Leftöver Crack came up in New York City's ABC No-Rio squatter scene, though the band is not typical of those surroundings. The group does delve into left-wing political pundit-pounding that saturated their home base ("Nazi White Trash," the anti-homophobic "Gay Rude Boys Unite"), and just as savagely as their brethren at that. However, the foursome plays anything but "traditional" NYC crust-core. Though that is present, most notably in the harsh vocals of Ara Crack, black metal, ska-core, grindcore, Cramps-like rockabilly on "The Good, the Bad & the Leftöver Crack," and plenty of old-school punk all get worked out. With the name and the musical incongruity, you'd think that the band's a joke, but the lyrics and liner notes tell a different story, which is both a refreshing change of pace and somewhat confusing to the casual observer at the same time.


1. Homeo-apathy
2. Nazi White Trash
3. Atheist Anthem
4. The Good, The Bad & The Leftover Crack
5. Gay Rude Boys Unite
6. NC
7. Interlude
8. Stop The Insanity
9. Crack City Rockers
10.Burning In Water
11.With The Sickness
12.Born To Die
13.Gay Rude Boys Unite (Instrumental Version)


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