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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hüsker Dü - Land Speed Record

Released : January 1982
Recorded : August 15, 1981 at the 7th Street Entry
Genre : Hardcore punk
Length : 26:35
Label : New Alliance Records, SST Records (reissue)
Producer : Hüsker Dü

A brief live EP, Land Speed Record races through its songs without regard for melody or riffs. As a sonic blitzkrieg, it's quite impressive, yet little of the record makes a lasting impression.


1. All Tensed Up
2. Don't Try To Call
3. I'm Not Interested
4. Guns At My School
5. Push The Button
6. Gilligan's Island
7. Mtc
8. Don't Have A Life
9. Bricklayer
10.Tired Of Doing Things
11.You're Naive
12.Strange Week
13.Do The Bee
14.Big Sky
16.Let's Go Die
17.Data Control


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