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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Flesh Eaters - No Questions Asked

Date Released : 1980
Feb. 17, 2004 ( Re-Issue )
Label : Upsetter Record
Genre : Punk Rock
Producer :Chris D.

The Flesh Eaters have been the outlet for vocalist, filmmaker, poet, and lyricist Chris D. (Desjardins) for over 20 years. The band's official releases have been sporadic at best, but never a letdown. With D. at the helm spewing out his distinctively morbid lyrics, his revolving musical cast blast out a mixture of cowpunk, reggae, and, as is the case here, noisy garage punk that embraces both the Seeds and the Germs.


1. Sleeping Sickness
2. Jesus, Don't Come Through the Cotton
3. Police Gun
4. Dynamite Hemorrhage
5. Ten Inch Razor
6. Kiss on My Cheek
7. Suicide Saddle
8. Cry Baby Killer
9. Dominoes
10.Crazy Boy
11.The Child Comes First
12.Home of the Brave
13.Impossible Crime
14.No Questions Asked


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