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Friday, December 17, 2010

Youth Brigade - Happy Hour

Released : September 27, 1994
Recorded : January 1994 at Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, California (except track 11, March 1993)
Genre : Punk rock
Label : BYO Records

The style displayed on Happy Hour doesn't differ much from Youth Brigade's early-'80s output, save for some more melodic injections and of course the benefit of '90s production. The songs are speedy and socially conscious as usual, with that Southern California hardcore feel. The socially aware lyrics differentiate Youth Brigade from many of the other California groups it helped spawn, the firearms-exposing "Guns Are For" being particularly thoughtful. Unfortunately though, outside of some explosive moments on "Alive By Machine" and "It's Not Enough," the music never really catches fire. The spirit of Youth Brigade is hard to fault, but the material contained on Happy Hour lacks the memorable appeal of earlier gems, for example "Sink With California" or "Men in Blue."


1. All Style, No Substance
2. Better Without You
3. Punk Rock Mom
4. Guns Are For...
5. Let Me Be
6. It's Not Enough
7. Alive By Machine
8. It Just Doesn't Matter
9. Wanted
11.Sad But True
12.This Is A Life
13.Deep Inside Of Me


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