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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reagan Youth - Punk Rock New York

Released : 2007
Genre : Hardcore punk
Length : 57:44 minutes
Label : LoveCat Music

Punk Rock New York is an album by punk band Reagan Youth. It was released after the break-up of the band in 1989 and the suicide of lead singer Dave Rubinstein in 1993. The album is a re-packaging of A Collection of Pop Classics, which compiles the two Reagan Youth studio albums onto a single CD.


1. Reagan Youth
2. (Down With the) New Aryans
3. (Are You) Happy?
4. No Class
5. I Hate Hate
6. Degenerated
7. o Nowhere
8. USA
9. Anytown
10.In Dog We Trust
11.It's A Beautiful Day
12.Jesus Was A Pacifist
13.Urban Savages
14.What Will The Neighbors Think?
15.Get The Ruler Out
16.Brave New World
17.Miss Teen America
18.Heavy Metal Shuffle
19.Queen Babylon
20.Acid Rain
21.One Holy Bible
22.Back To The Garden (parts 1-1V)


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