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Friday, December 10, 2010

Motorhead - No Sleep At All

Released : 15 October 1988
Recorded : 2 July 1988
Hämeenlinna "Giants of Rock" Festival, Finland
Length : 51:37
Label : GWR
Producer : Motörhead and Guy Bidmead

No Sleep at All is Motorhead's second "official" live album, but before you read further, be warned: the band was unhappy with the final cut and its release sparked a legal battle which marked their parting with their record company. To learn about the real deal, see 1994's much superior Live at Brixton set. Featuring virtually the same songs as No Sleep at All, it is the original concert chosen by the band for release.


1. Dr Röck
2. Traitör
3. Dögs
4. Ace Öf Spades
5. Eat The Rich
6. Built För Speed
7. Deaf Förever
8. Just 'Cös Yöu Göt The Pöwer
9. Killed By Death


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