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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall, The - 458489 A Sides

Date Released : 1990
Genre : Post-Punk, Alternative Rock
Label : Beggars Banquet
Track Lenght : 57 : 00

Bypassing their edgy, early singles and concentrating on their artier, more eclectic work of the mid- and late '80s, '458489 a sides' encapsulates nearly all of the fall's many attributes. all of the singles on a-sides are culled from the era when brix smith was in the band, arguably the band's most cohesive and rewarding years. drawing from their strongest albums - 'the wonderful and frightening world of the fall', 'this nation's saving grace', 'bend sinister', 'the frenz experiment' - 'a sides' offers an excellent introduction to the fall. it is both a useful retrospective and a kind of road map, pointing out the differences between albums. for neophytes and the uninitiated, there is no better sampler, and for long-time fans, the collection reiterates what a fine singles band the fall were in their heyday.


1. Oh! Brother
2. C.R.E.E.P.
3. No Bulbs 3
4. Rollin' Dany
5. Couldn't Get Ahead
6. Cruisers Creek
7. L.A
8. Living Too Late
9. Hit The North (Part 1)
11.Hey! Luciani
12.There's A Ghost In My House
14.Big New Prinz
15.Wrong Place, Right Time
17.Deadbeat Descendant


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